Jacob Holm’s SoftFlush® obtains Fine to Flush Certification


Jacob Holm’s SoftFlush® obtains Fine to Flush Certification


Basel, Switzerland, 27 April 2021 — Leading nonwoven manufacturer Jacob Holm is proud to announce that its Softflush® dispersible product has been awarded Fine to Flush certification by Water UK for its plastic-free dispersible nonwoven.


SoftFlush® is a unique, patented dispersible wipe material developed by Jacob Holm that exceeds the highest levels of dispersibility, while offering higher strength and softness.


“Fine to Flush” is the new official standard that identifies wipes that can be safely flushed in toilets. While many disposable wipes are labeled “flushable,” they often fail to break down quickly enough to ensure a healthy sewer system. SoftFlush®, a plastic-free material, passed multiple rigorous tests independently conducted by the Water Research Centre WRC.  WRC designed these tests in conjunction with Water UK to provide a standard protocol to confirm that a product can be flushed without any detriment to the UK sewer systems.


The Fine to Flush certification further recognizes the rapid dispersibility of Jacob Holm’s binder-free, plastic-free and chemical-free Softflush line which already exceeds GD4 industry standards.  


“Our commitment to sustainability and focused innovation with cutting-edge patented technology has enabled us to develop a range of dispersible wipe solutions,” said Martin Mikkelsen, CEO of Jacob Holm Group.  “This adds to our well-established product line which delivers bulky yet highly dispersible and biodegradable substrates to the growing, environmentally conscious market.”