Jacob Holm eCO2-quation App Launches at WOW, Revolutionary Tool Calculates Carbon Footprint of Nonwovens Products


Jacob Holm eCO2-quation App Launches at WOW, Revolutionary Tool Calculates Carbon Footprint of Nonwovens Products

Basel, Switzerland, September 4, 2020 – The Jacob Holm eCO2-quation app debuted at the INDA World of Wipes 2020 conference during a key note address by Director of Sustainability Geoff Collins, PhD, on Thursday, August 27. The app is a proprietary tool developed by Jacob Holm to evaluate the carbon footprint of substrates made in Jacob Holm and Sontara® facilities. This allows customers and consumers to compare the environmental impact of their products, which are used in industries such as healthcare, aerospace and baby care.

The Jacob Holm eCO2-quation app calculates the “cradle to factory-gate” carbon footprint, which includes the production of fibers, transport of fibers to Jacob Holm production sites and the production of the fabric itself. The app can also estimate the carbon footprint of transport to the customer and the price to offset this carbon footprint. The app is the first of its kind in the industry.

The app is accessible through Jacob Holm and Sontara® sales managers, allowing customers and potential customers the opportunity to affect their sustainability KPI’s by providing transparency and allowing for more informed management of their carbon output. Within the app, users can modify fiber type, composition and basis weight as well as unit size. The app indicates how changes in these inputs increase or decrease the carbon footprint of a potential substrate. We can then use the calculated carbon offset price to offer customers carbon offsets from Swiss company myclimate, as desired by the customer.

Sustainability is one of the pillars of the Jacob Holm 2020 strategy and beyond, and the app is the first in a string of tools the company has planned to provide Jacob Holm customers and their end use consumers with additional transparency.

Says Martin Mikkelsen, CEO of Jacob Holm Group, “As a pioneer in the nonwoven industry, Jacob Holm continues to forge our legacy in environmental sustainability. We aim to measure the carbon footprint of our products in order to engage with downstream partners in meaningful discussions about environmental impact. This allows us to work with our downstream customers not just as a standard nonwovens supplier, but as a partner.”