Introducing Kevlar® and Nomex® Protective Fabric Products to Sontara® Offering


Jacob Holm Streamlines Kevlar® and Nomex® Protective Fabric Supply Chain, Introduces Products Exclusively to Sontara® Offering

Basel, Switzerland, August 8, 2018 – Jacob Holm is excited to announce a simplified supply chain for its production of Kevlar® and Nomex® protective fabric products, effective 1 September 2018. DuPont first introduced the proprietary aramids containing spunlace technology to the market 31 years ago at its Sontara® production facility in Old Hickory, Tennessee. When the Sontara® brand and assets were acquired by Jacob Holm in 2014, Jacob Holm maintained production of the aramids containing protective fabrics while implementing significant production asset upgrades, quality enhancements and other process improvements to its Sontara® sites.

For the past four years, Jacob Holm has sold the aramid containing fabrics through DuPont as a toll manufacturer. Effective 1 September 2018, Jacob Holm commence deliveries of Kevlar® and Nomex® protective fabric products directly from the Sontara® Old Hickory production site. This will eliminate routing through DuPont warehouses and other facilities.

While the aramid containing spunlace base offering has not changed, the Innovation Team at Jacob Holm has developed an exciting pipeline of products based on the unique Sontara® technology. In the spirit of pioneering, we would be pleased to collaborate with you on additional product adaptations or innovations that are essential to further building value for you in the market.

Jacob Holm is delighted to continue providing aramid fabrics under this simplified supply chain, and we look forward to strengthening partnerships with our valued customers through the addition of Kevlar® and Nomex® fabrics to our product offering. Interested customers can visit our website. We invite you to direct all additional questions and inquiries to the dedicated sales and service team members listed below.


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