Our Corporate Culture

In 1794, more than 200 years ago, Jacob Holm founded the company now known as Jacob Holm & Sønner A/S. Our founder, Jacob Holm, came from humble origins yet succeeded in creating a global enterprise.

Life at Jacob Holm

To develop unique nonwoven fabrics that meet customers' challenges, you need exceptional people with strengths that combine extensive know-how with an entrepreneurial spirit. That is why at Jacob Holm we nurture an open, multifaceted and diverse culture. We encourage our people to contribute innovative ideas that drive the direction of our company and market segments. 


We are pioneers

We want to conquer new markets, always. We developed SoftFlush FAST, a dispersible wipe that breaks up like toilet paper and has the strength of a wet wipe, and SoftLite, a high performing hygiene fabric with basis weights as low as 15gsm. Such developments are a testament to our entrepreneurial spirit. We are also committed to exploring new segments. This dedication makes us the pioneers of the nonwoven industry. 


We are young

We are young in spirit. In spite of our long history, we continue to evolve and take risks. We continuously strive to add value to our products. We are agile as we constantly reinvent ourselves and adapt to ever changing markets.


We are daring

We dare, experiment, and try our hand at every challenge brought to us. We take risks, test and learn from our mistakes. We innovate to be at the forefront of our technologies.


We are human

We are human, giving us the ability to adapt to the expectations of end users. Our products are part of everyday life; We listen to the needs of end users to bring the smartest solutions to market.