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We’re not life-saving surgeons,

But our Sontara® fabrics have won the confidence of surgeons and nurses in the most critical hospital conditions. The protection performance and exceptional comfort of Sontara® fabrics help them to concentrate on what matters most: the health of their patients.

We're not magicians,

But we engineer fabrics that support you with your cleaning tasks. Our wide range of fabrics meets the ever-changing wiping needs of our customers and their markets. The portfolio targets each family member at any age, fabric for every application, dispersible and non-dispersible. To meet the growing demand of consumers looking for natural based products, we offer a natural solution for every application.

We’re not top models,

But we want to inspire people everywhere to feel confident and beautiful. They trust our soft, high-quality beauty care fabrics to help them pamper their skin. We’re always at their side in our ongoing search for innovation, doing our part to make life a little more alluring.

We’ve never walked on the moon,

But there are no limits to our never-ending search to create the most innovative fabrics for critical cleaning tasks. That is why aerospace technicians trust our nonwoven wipes to keep the most crucial equipment in perfect condition.

We're not bodyguards,

But we produce fabrics for hygiene products that make you feel protected and comfortable all day. People of all generations benefit from the softness and lightweight, assuring their daily hygiene. And we all know that when we feel clean and comfortable, we also feel happy.

We’re not award-winning designers,

But we contribute to the beauty, comfort and efficiency of homes everywhere. Our renowned fabrics find application in home furnishing and other high-performance materials. From attractive window shades to durable filtration systems, we take good care of your environment.

We're not the solution,

but we are determined to do our part.



,, WLB d.o.o. has been selling Sontara EC® wipes for over 25 years with no end in sight.,,

"Due to Sontara®’s reliability and trusted name, WLB has successfully promoted Sontara EC® wipes to many different companies and industries like automotive plants, pharmaceutical companies, household appliance manufacturers, and more. Our long-standing customers have remained loyal to WLB d.o.o. with thanks to Sontara®. Our goal is to continue our relationship with Sontara® for another 25 years and more."

WLB, Sontara® Distributor


,, IPS-Group offers Sontara® nonwoven wipes in our wind turbine cleaning solutions. We recommend Sontara® products to the wind energy industry due to their high quality and reliability.,,

"We have seen many cases when companies use random wipes for their cleaning jobs, only to later find great savings, reduced defects and reduced costs when using Sontara®. Sontara® has never let us down and our customers keep coming back for more. We look forward to many more years of partnership with Sontara®."

IPS, Sontara® Distributor

Our Brands

Sontara® products are made using a proprietary nonwoven technology, the essence of which is a water needling process.

Jacob Holm is continuously developing new and innovative fabrics for the hygiene market.

When it comes to dispersible wipes, softness matters. Introducing SoftFlush, a unique, patent-pending dispersible wipe material developed by Jacob Holm.

Softesse® is our brand for the non-dispersible consumer wipes portfolio.

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