Major Investment in Advanced Healthcare Performance


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The year started off strongly for Molnlycke with its largest invest­ment to date - a total of €67 million in a new factory in the Czech Republic, where the company already has one manu­facturing site. As well as being a major milestone for the company, this also represents one of the largest foreign direct investments in the country in recent years. The investment will enable Molnlycke to increase both its capacity and efficiency, resulting in 67 per cent higher production volumes. The official opening of the factory will take place on 17 May.

According to Eric De Kesel: "Our new facility in the Czech Repub­lic will significantly enhance our manufacturing capabilities for surgi­cal procedure trays and help us to strengthen our strong position in the global marketplace within this area. Beside the surgical solution business we offer a full-spectrum wound management portfolio and a unique pressure ulcer prevention solution - two areas where we are worldwide brand leaders." 

Bespoke solutions
The investment is part of what Molnlycke describes as its larger journey to advance performance in healthcare within three focus areas: wound management (Including a range of dressings and wound therapeutic solutions); prevention (Including prophylactic pressure ulcer wound care dressings and turning and positioning systems); and surgical solutions (Including items such as Molnlycke Procedure Trays, drapes, surgical gloves and gowns). Indeed, the company no longer talks in terms of providing 'products' but about offering all-round 'solutions' including education and health economic support data to meet healthcare needs. The new factory will help Molnlycke to provide a bespoke service to its customers, while at the same time strengthening its position as a world­leading medical solutions company.

According to Mr De Kesel: "We know from our experience work­ing with hospitals that one size does not fit all; every procedure is different and each hospital has its preferred configuration. We are already offering healthcare professionals a wide range of truly cus­tomised surgical solutions. There is no limit to the different combina­tions we can put together in a tray to match our clients' needs. Our tailor-made solutions ensure accuracy and consistency for every procedure set-up. That means reduced opening and set-up time, which, in turn, enables surgical teams to carry out more procedures. In the new factory, we will also be able to add instruments that cannot afford a second sterilisation cycle to the already sterilised procedure trays."

Increasing in-house efficiency
The new Czech plant will also allow Mi:ilnlycke to be more flexible when serving its customers as it will be assembling trays to order and sterilising them all in-house before shipping either directly or via distribution centres to its clients throughout the world. The increased internal efficiency will enable the company to be faster and more flexible when it comes to changing tray composition for customers - while maintaining its existing (if very urgent) 48-hour delivery-from­order promise.

Mr De Kesel added, "The new factory will increase our capacity. It will also make Mi:ilnlycke less dependent on sterilisation suppliers as everything is now made in-house. This gives us increased control over the whole process and shortens the lead-time. The in-house sterilisation will also boost our efficiency further, as the ethylenoxyd degassing will be four times faster."
The development in the Czech Republic is a part of a wider global investment programme. Last year, for example, the com­pany completed a €2.8 million (SEK 25 million) investment pro­gramme at its Oldham factory in the United Kingdom, and equally large sums have been spent on improving facilities in Finland, USA and Thailand. 

A global leader
Originally founded in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1849 as a textile com­pany, today M61nlycke is a global healthcare solutions provider with 17 modern manufacturing plants, of which three are in the USA, six in Asia and the remainder spread throughout Europe. The compa­ny's products can be found in over 100 countries worldwide.
According to Mr De Kesel: "We are a truly global player. As well as our key markets in Europe and the US, we are expanding our operations in Brazil and have established permanent sales offices in China, South America, South Africa and the Middle East.

"Our strategy is to build on our product portfolio and our repu­tation as the manufacturer of choice in our market sectors. We are the global brand leaders in advanced wound dressings and also hold leading positions in the other sectors we serve. Currently we employ more than 7500 people worldwide. I would say that our USPs are our full spectrum portfolio, our innovative products and strong value propositions. We work in close collaboration with our customers to meet their needs and to help them prepare for future healthcare challenges."

Advanced prevention and treatment solutions
Product innovation is another major strategic focus for Molnlycke. In the area of hospital acquired conditions (HAC), the company has developed prevention and care protocols to support medi­cal teams, based on clinical and scientific evidence, as well as a portfolio of products that help to deliver better patient and health economic outcomes.

A good example is the Molnlycke Prevention Programme for pressure ulcers. It sets out best practice protocols to help hospitals ensure the right team is in place and assess which patients are at higher risk. It also advises on the best use of dressings such as Mepilex® Border Sacrum and Mepilex® Border Heel, which can help to prevent pressure ulcers forming. Another important area for devel­opment is patient positioning, including the turning and positioning systems (Tortoise™ and Z-flo™) to protect the head, back and heel by redistributing pressure from stress points.

Molnlycke's core business is the advanced wound care range. These advanced dressings, developed exclusively by Molnlycke, are easy to work with and to apply or reposition as required. The Safe­tac® silicone layer not only minimises pain and stress for the patient but also prevents 'skin stripping' when dressings are changed, as well as maceration that can delay the healing process by causing damage to the peri-wound area. 

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