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Noise reduction

Air permeability

Low basis weight


Finishing Treatment Compatible

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Sontara® for Acoustics

  • The Sontara® Acoustics portfolio was developed to provide improved noise absorption and acoustic performance at a reduced weight and cost-effective price. Sontara® fabrics possess the ability to hold various chemical treatments like FR while their resiliency ensures lasting performance ideal for demanding applications.

Automotive Applications:

  • Hood liners
  • Headliners
  • Engine insulators
  • Seat backing
  • Other automotive parts

Sontara® products are made using proprietary technology for high demanding applications. High-speed water jets are used to hydraulically entangle various fibers to form a strong absorbent web. Unlike many nonwoven fabrics, Sontara® uses no binders, chemicals or adhesives. It has exceptional mechanical strength, excellent absorbency, and because the fibers are washed during fabric formation, it exhibits very low lint. These unique features make Sontara® ideal for the cleaning requirements of the quality-conscious user.

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