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Sontara® Protect General Purpose

  • The Sontara® Protect customized offering for general purpose is known for its comfort, breathability and softness to the skin. Our offering has been tested and qualified for new general purpose categories 1 and 2 as recommended by French authorities, meeting the requirements for Aerosol Filtration Efficiency (AFE%) 70+ and 90+. The air permeability of these materials offers exceptional air flow for maximum comfort and breathability - it is 15-20 times greater than the 96 l/m2.s at 100PA requirement.

Sontara® Protect Supporting Materials

  • Sontara® Protect Comfort Layer (CL) provides higher air flow and softness to the skin compared to alternative products. Sontara® ensures high purity through a proprietary production process that is free from binders, chemical additives and adhesives. Sontara® Protect CL meets the ISO-10933 Bio-compatibility standard for skin contact.
  • Sontara® Protect offers material for mask borders and ties for respirators (FFP2 or N95) and surgical masks. Their high dimensional stability and strength make them ideal for this application.


  • Test results are available upon request. Customers are advised to conduct their own product performance and safety testing. This data may not be used for publishing purposes. The information provided herein is based on data believed to be reliable, to the best of our knowledge. The information applies only to the specific material designated herein as sold by Sontara® and does not apply to use in any process, design or in combination with any other material. Accordingly, Sontara® cannot guarantee or warrant such information and assumes no liability for its use.  

Sontara® products are made using proprietary technology for high demanding applications. High-speed water jets are used to hydraulically entangle various fibers to form a strong absorbent web. Unlike many nonwoven fabrics, Sontara® uses no binders, chemicals or adhesives. It has exceptional mechanical strength, excellent absorbency, and because the fibers are washed during fabric formation, it exhibits very low lint. These unique features make Sontara® ideal for the cleaning requirements of the quality-conscious user.

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