End user benefits

Low lint

Low cost in use

High absorbency

High abrasion resistance

High solvent resistance

Available Packaging

Wipe size Packaging Wipes per pack Total wipes
325 x 420 mm Roll  500 500
260 x 380 mm Roll 400 400
220 x 370 mm

Valid for wall dispenser

270 270



Sontara® products are made using proprietary technology for high demanding applications. High-speed water jets are used to hydraulically entangle various fibers to form a strong absorbent web. Unlike many nonwoven fabrics, Sontara® uses no binders, chemicals or adhesives. It has exceptional mechanical strength, excellent absorbency, and because the fibers are washed during fabric formation, it exhibits very low lint. These unique features make Sontara® ideal for the cleaning requirements of the quality-conscious user.

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