End user benefits

Optimal liquid management

High strength

High Opacity



Products offering

Softesse® for Baby Wipes: Our range in baby wipes fabrics meets the demand of the different segments of the market.


Natural Baby Wipes

  • Appealing to consumers looking for natural based products, we offer a selection of 100% cotton, cotton blends and viscose/lyocell fabrics. Most fabrics are 100% biodegradable.

Value Soft Baby Wipes

  • A competitive offering of standard viscose polyester blends, soft and strong fabrics with optimal liquid distribution.

Premium Baby Wipes

  • Ultra-soft fabrics with high opacity, luxury fabrics designed with premium fibers.

Softesse® is our brand for the non-dispersible consumer wipes portfolio. For any cleaning task, Softesse® provides the best fit for liquid handling and cleaning efficiency. Softesse® materials ranging from 15 to 100 gsm, thus delivering key advantages to consumers of all ages and families of all sizes.

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