Sontara® Advantages:

  • Sontara® is a strong leading nonwoven brand you can trust with a proprietary production process that is still unique to the world today.
  • Sontara®’s manufacturing process is sustainable and ultra-pure. We use filtered water of drinking quality and zero chemicals, and our manufacturing environment and air quality adhere to the highest standards.
  • Sontara® has a long history of manufacturing products for highly regulated end users (e.g. Cleanroom, Aerospace, Health Care and Pharmaceutical).
  • Sontara® quality is consistent and uncompromising – strict Quality Management System and ISO 9001:2008 certified as well as OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
  • Sontara® invests in product innovation that is meaningful to the industry, our customers and the end consumer. We are now developing ultra-light spunlace (down to 15 GSM), new patented process technology for flushable wipes and stretchable spunlace for laminates.
  • Sontara® will always guarantee you reliable service and support through our worldwide sales offices as well as security of supply.


2016 MEIYI

Science and Technology Innovation Award

INDEX20 Innovation Award

Sontara® Dual in the category Nonwoven Roll Goods

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