Jacob Holm introduces new Sontara EC® Green


Jacob Holm introduces new Sontara EC® Green


Basel, Switzerland, 20th April 2021 – Jacob Holm introduces new Sontara EC® Green

  • 100% renewable sourced cellulosic substrate
  • Proprietary Sontara® technology
  • Delivering Sontara® Performance in Sustainable Products

Basel, Switzerland, 20th April 2021 —Jacob Holm is introducing a new sustainable member to its Sontara EC® family. Fabrics customers in EMEA can begin ordering the new sustainable material as of April 16th 2021.


Sontara EC® Green is a unique, new high-performance 100% cellulosic substrate product, made from proprietary Sontara® technology. This ultra-pure production process creates a 100%
bio-based product without any binders, chemicals, or silicone. Sontara EC® Green is patent-protected and produced from renewable sources, making it an excellent alternative to non-biodegradable substrates. Food contact safe, wipes come in a convenient dispenser box with sealed packs to prevent any contamination. With this product, you can have the critical cleaning power you need while being environmentally responsible.


Along with new sustainable packaging made from recycled materials and a new folded wipes format, Jacob Holm is adding this sustainable option to its Sontara EC® product range. This new addition is one more step forward into Jacob Holm’s commitment to sustainability and continuous innovation.