Jacob Holm Invests in Asturias’ Economic Development, Production Capabilities


Jacob Holm Invests in Asturias’ Economic Development, Production Capabilities

Asturias, Spain, November 21, 2017 – Jacob Holm is demonstrating its commitment to economic development in Asturias, Spain, with a significant investment in its Asturias production facility. This facility develops, tests and manufactures Sontara® brand nonwoven fabrics and will now offer customers further innovative products using newly installed production technology.

Securing its place as a leader in the critical performance of nonwoven applications, Jacob Holm has devoted more than € 2 million toward implementing a state-of-the-art manufacturing asset at the Asturias facility. This new asset allows Jacob Holm to pursue increasingly broad technological growth by providing advanced capabilities to tailor the performance of its products with more accuracy within a broader potential specification set. This cutting-edge advancement offers customers access to a significantly expanded range of customization options and new fabric properties for performance critical applications. The impressive quality upgrade is being reflected in growing production demands, which has prompted the hiring of four new Sontara® Asturias employees.

Jacob Holm is pleased to continue to invest and grow business in Asturias in partnership with local authorities and to develop proprietary technology that appeals to the quality-conscious consumer.


Link to article in La Nueva España Newspaper