COVID-19 Updates

In these challenging and momentous times, Jacob Holm is proud to be at the forefront of the fight against the global pandemic of COVID-19, a novel Coronavirus. We are humbled to see our roll goods leave converting facilities as personal protective apparel including face masks and disinfecting wipes to become part of the first line of protection for emergency response workers around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I order COVID-19 pandemic response products?
    Existing customers should contact their Jacob Holm or Sontara® Sales Manager. New customers or health care or government institutions looking to establish or secure supply chains can submit a request here or email for a swift response.

  • Is the Jacob Holm supply chain secure?
    Yes, supply lines at all Jacob Holm production facilities, including Sontara®, are secure with no foreseen interruptions. You can download a letter from the Jacob Holm Group Vice President of Sourcing here.

  • How is Jacob Holm ensuring product safety?
    Jacob Holm and Sontara® are complying with all WHO organization and federal guidelines in their countries of operation as these guidelines are released. In addition, we have eliminated employee travel, limited on-site personnel and vendors, enforced new social distancing measures including prioritizing virtual meetings and restricting use of common spaces and made accommodations for those employees who are particularly vulnerable to health concerns.

    Given the critical nature of our products, which serve as baby wipes, surgical gowns and facial masks among other applications, producing ultrapure products free from microbiological contamination has always been a crucial part of our quality control. With on-site laboratories, strict sanitation guidelines and diligent production traceability, we continue to maintain the product quality our customers have come to expect.

  • How is Jacob Holm protecting our communities?
    Jacob Holm has partnered with local non-profits and business partners like Under Armour to produce protective face masks and isolation gowns for health care workers, first responders, adult care facilities and others in need. Our mask component material donations to date have created more than one million masks.
    Read more about our sustainability initiatives to support our employees and communities through Coronavirus here.