Innovation is at the heart of Jacob Holm’s drive to grow sustainably. We continuously invest in new technologies and capabilities and work with and for our customers to develop the best solutions. The challenges in the Hygiene, Consumer Wipes, Dispersible Wipes, Industrial Wipes, Health Care and Beauty Care markets are our daily motivation. Each day we strive to improve the performance of our materials.


Innovation process

Our innovation process consists of three main steps: Business Development – Product Development – Commercial Development.

Our Business Development team assembles the best ideas and has a strong record for achieving breakthrough innovations. Our Product Development team takes the innovative ideas and concepts one step further, turning them into products that meet customer challenges. Development and testing of new products take place until we meet the new product specifications. If a product is ready to launch, it goes to our final innovation station – Commercial Development. The Business Development team works closely with colleagues on the marketing and supply chain teams to ensure the new product can be manufactured efficiently and meets the needs of our customers.


Innovation team

Behind all new Jacob Holm materials, there is a team of Business Development, Product Development and Commercial employees dedicated to delivering consistent and exceptional value to our customers across the Americas, Europe and Asia-Pacific.


Product testing

Jacob Holm has a strong network of partnerships with different equipment suppliers that have pilot lines to test our innovative products at real commercial speeds. Once past this screening phase, Jacob Holm invests significant line manufacturing time and resources to run commercial trials to ensure smooth product introduction.



Jacob Holm started a development program more than five years ago to design a unique technology that would be ideally suited for the Dispersible Wipes market. After considerable research, it was determined that a new asset base would be required. A major investment of USD 65 MM was made in an existing production asset in North Carolina, USA. The manufacturing line began commercial production in 2015. Twelve months before this significant new machine investment, a new card and dewatering system was added to the existing machine in North Carolina at the cost of over USD 10 MM.

Since acquiring the Sontara® business in September 2014, Jacob Holm has invested significantly in upgrading and diversifying the already outstanding production assets.

Asturias Site - 2020 - New Calender / Slitter installation

 Calendering/rewinding machine with longitudinal slitting for the production of Sontara® fabric with thickness reduction to different widths and lengths



Jacob Holm has won multiple awards for innovation and new product offerings. Numerous customers have awarded Jacob Holm for supplier innovation. We have also won many industry awards including the INDEX20 Innovation Award for Sontara® Dual, the IDEA16 Achievement Award for SoftLite and the 2016 MEIYI Science and Technology Innovation Award at China Beauty Expo 2016 for being the premium facial mask fabric in China.