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Product Range

While we already offer a wide range of products, we are always open to suggestions and enquiries regarding new developments or needs. Contact our marketing and business development department for more information.

Flat product

These are plain fabrics very uniform in appearance and properties, from up to four fibers, typically polyester, polypropylene or viscose.

Apertured Product

Both coarse and fine apertures are available. As well as better aesthetics, the hole patterns improve capillarity, abrasion and dirt holding capacity, which enhances the cleaning efficiency for both personal and home care applications.

Embossed product

We have both hydro- and thermo-embossing capability. This permits a range of options to tailor patterns according to client needs. Jacob Holm has focused on optimizing production parameters to achieve outstanding clarity at competitive costs.

Dispersible  Bio product
Environmental Products

We offer a range of fabrics made from renewable resource raw materials. These include blends of viscose, TENCEL®, cotton and polylactic acid (PLA) fibers. We also offer FSC certified products made with TENCEL®

Multi-layered product

Produced on line by feeding the cards with different fibers, to achieve up to three distinct layers. Useful for side-to-side differences in roughness (see below), and liquid management for hygiene and wiping products.
Rough n’ Soft™ - developed within our Innovation & Commercialisation (I&C) group, Jacob Holm has trademarked and patented the Rough n’ Soft process and product. The fabric exhibits a rough side and a soft side, and is available in a range of colors and degrees of roughness. The material is used for home cleaning, cosmetic and industrial applications.


With unwind capability, we are able to incorporate scrims, spunbonds, wovens, knits etc... into the spunlace process, to radically change fabric properties, particularly with regard to strength and stability.


Through an extensive partner network, we can offer added functions, such as moisture barrier, water repellency and coloration.

Special Fibers

Jacob Holm continuously evaluates new introductions from our worldwide list of fiber suppliers. The current range includes:

Viscose, TENCEL®, Polyester (PET), Cotton, Polypropylene (PP), Polyethylene (PE), Polyactic Acid (PLA), Bi-Component (PP / PET or PET / coPET), Microfiber Splittable : Polyamide (PA) / PET or PP / PE).

Dispersible (SoftFlush™)
We offer a unique, patent-pending dispersible wipe material. The material exceeds the highest level of dispersibility. Visit softflush.com for more information.